Expert’s 5 Tips to Design your Commercial Kitchen Efficiently

Expert’s 5 Tips to Design your Commercial Kitchen Efficiently

Irrespective of whether you are opening your first restaurant or the third one in your chain or getting it renovated, it is essential to ensure an efficient kitchen design. A commercial kitchen should facilitate everything for the maximum efficiency of the employees. Therefore, it stands so important to chalk out the commercial kitchen design before the commencement of the job.

The following are some of the tips to consider as suggested by experts when it comes to either new construction or renovation of a commercial kitchen—

1.The layout should be Elegant & Chef should be Involved:

Whether it is a restaurant or house, the kitchen remains the heart and soul of the place. Therefore, to keep up the essence of the place, it should be designed properly. It should be made sure that the placement of the kitchen tops, storage, and delivery point are all in alignment with the flowchart of the work policy.

Plus, the design should comply with the kitchen working ethics as well. According to the professionals, the designing of the kitchen should be such that it does not hamper the flow of work.

2. Flexibility and Available Space:

These things are essential during commercial kitchen design. These define how well a restaurant is going to serve its customers. In addition to this, the availability of enough space would ensure safety and congestion-free working environment. It would also ascertain proper sanitation for the maintenance of hygiene, air ventilation, and food safety.

Apart from this, the availability of space confirms how well the employees move around freely without hindering each other’s path. This becomes so crucial, especially when there are huge numbers of customers flocking to the restaurant on some special occasion.

3. Space for Supervision and Training:

A restaurant never keeps a team of hundred employees from the very first day. It adds to its list as per the growth. Therefore, according to the experts, ensuring space for training of the new inductees should be kept as a priority during commercial kitchen design as well.

Apart from this, for bulk cooking, it is needed to supervise the work to spruce up the flow. The kitchen design should include walking space for the chefs and other supervisors as well.

4. Proper Air Ventilation:

A congested kitchen will never improve productivity. It would suffocate the employees. Therefore, the design should include a passage for the proper airflow. This would ensure that space remains free from cooking smoke and gas. Proper air vents also help to control the heat in the commercial kitchen’s working cell.

5. Proper Storage Place:

A commercial kitchen is all about having the right equipment and utensils sufficiently. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the storage of the utensils and kitchen appliances just in the right place. The professionals, who are at commercial kitchen design work, ascertain the placement of not only fridge but also deep-fryer, grill, oven, mats, extinguisher, bowls, and whatnot.


For the designing of a commercial kitchen, every minute element needs to be taken care of. Any unplanned approach would lead to mismanagement. The place should not only be engaging but also appealing both for the person who are working and the customers paying a visit.

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