What do Companies like Hampton Roads Lawn Care – Lawn Care Services near Me, Do?

If you are thinking ofemploying a contractor or lawn care company, you need to pick a company that provides the best services. To do this, you should find out the kind of services these companies can offer. Lawn care works well with varieties of products, techniques, schedules, and tools, but in reality, the result each of these company’s promises is just the same.

These companies, especially companies from Virginia Beach, usually offer their clients a selection of services that include customized treatment plans that they can execute throughout the year. Some companies also provide a one-time treatment, and some renew the contract every year automatically, but most, if not all, companies allow you to terminate your agreement at any given time, and only pay the services that they performed in your lawn.

What do lawn care agencies do? Below, we listed the most common types of services they can offer, some of them, you can by yourself.


A lot of lawn benefit from aeration process at least once every three years. With this process, a gadget with tubes made of metal, that’s about half an inch is rolled over your lawn. It will penetrate at least two to three inches into your grass to remove plugs of soil and grass. The metal tubes help deposit the earth to the surface.

The holes will serve as a good entry point for air, water, humus-creating matter, and fertilizer to the root systems of your lawn. These holes will give the soil in your yard, some room to loosen, permit a more manageable growth of roots and better water and air circulation in the lawn.

Compared to other lawn care treatment, aeration is a very intensive job and most likely to cost you more or less $30 per 1,000 square feet. But it is a simple task that you can do by yourself. You can rent an aeration machine, which looks like a hybrid between a tiller and a lawn mower, from equipment and tool rental shop. If you have never operated aeration machine before, you need to get some guide from the shop where you rented it.

If you want a thorough explanation about aeration, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aeration.


Although it is an expensive service, a lot of lawn can benefit from seeding every fall. New seeds can help fill in thin out section of your yard, create denser gardens that will discourage the growth of weed as well as pest infestation. It can also add a newer grass type that can improve the lawn’s resistance to insects and diseases, as well as add a much superior grass variety like fine fescue that can be planted in areas with dense shade, where zoysia and tall fescue do not grow well.

Although, there are lawn care companies that offer limited seeding services at little to no cost, most of the charges for major lawn commission. If you are planning to do the reseeding by yourself, you need to make sure that the seeds come into contact with your lawn’s soil by using gardening tools like a rake to stir up the ground underneath and apply a little top coat of compost or soil after distributing all the seeds. Some lawn care companies follow the seeding with a series of aeration.


Think of fertilization as giving supplements and vitamins to your lawn. The program will give your yard a lot of nutrients that can make the grass and the plants achieve optimal health. A lot of lawn care companies are recommending you do fertilization at least three to six times a year, depending on your lawn’s needs. But moss grasses that grow in a fertilized area benefit a lot from fall fertilization.

Click here to know some easy steps to do lawn fertilization.

Although, grasses that grow during warm seasons like zoysia will benefit most from these services in late summer or spring. There are at least three basic types of fertilizers that we know of, slow release synthetic, slow-release natural or organic, and fast-release synthetic. These fertilizers have a different effect on soil and to the grass. They also have different methods of application.

If you apply fertilizers on your own, do not assume that the more you put, the better, especially if you use the synthetic ones. Since it is just a type of salt, if you put too much synthetic fertilizer, it can burn your lawn. Not only that, but it can also create too much toxin in the soil and can pollute the watersheds near your area.

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